Great Questions

Holding out hope during the coronavirus hasn’t been easy. Day after day we are losing people in our community, and the heartbreak doesn’t ease. The large majority are senior citizens; the elders of our tribes, gone with the wisdom and love they so naturally carry.

But within tragedy, there is opportunity. The chance to pitch in, help our frontline workers and keep our local businesses afloat. Closer to home, there is an incredible opportunity to hold on to the wisdom of our parents and grandparents by simply taking the time to talk to them. And more than talk, to listen to them. Pass the time, combat the isolation, capture a moment in time; what a gift.

To help start the conversation, Your Stories Ink is offering a series of Great Questions. We’ll be rolling out specific versions for different subjects, and are starting today with questions for our family elders. Let us know what you think! And by all means, send along other questions you’d like to see included; we’re all in this together.

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