Karen did a beautiful job with a task that I was overwhelmed by. I had kept a journal of silly things my children did and said while they were very small and I wanted to put those precious memories into a book for all of us to enjoy. My information was not completely organized and mostly handwritten. Karen took all the data and organized it, adding beautiful and appropriate graphics, inserting photos I sent and asking my opinion on everything along the way. The book turned out amazing and has been the source of much laughter and reminiscing since it was opened on Christmas. My husband says it was the best gift under the tree this year and I have to agree. She made it happen with a short timeframe and her incredible resourcefulness and creativity. Thank you for your wonderful work!
~ Marilyn G.

Your Stories Ink did a superb job producing a finished book for our family that tells the story of our home and family memories. The finished piece is a bound, hard cover coffee table book with over fifty photographic images. The book has brought smiles and misty eyes to all who have turned the pages. And Karen couldn’t have been easier to work with, or more enthusiastic or dedicated to our project.
~ Angela L.

My husband and I have been together since 2010. Recently, Your Stories Ink captured our relationship perfectly with a unique book. Karen was able to create a gift for us that will enable us to relive some of our favorite memories again and again. Now we have book that can take us back to when we met, travel through our building relationship, forge a connection through memories at our wedding, and carry us through our most recent experiences. We could not be more grateful for our memory book, and would recommend her services to anyone looking to capture a memory in visual form.

~ Leah P.